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back up flying


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Well just incase my volution is not here by the time of the nats at kempsey.i set about fixing the mosquito that i bought after last owner pranged it.Broken side rail and prop.fixed rail new prop.into garden fired it up ok on tick over, full power bang wallop etc.thought the new prop had broke no its ok .pull handle ripped out of harness and cord gone.took cover of pull start to find the pins that engage the flywheel had bent and the bolts were pulled out.hence bang wallop crunch.also the stop that holds the recoil spring broke.unforseen damage from last owner prop strike.fixed the problems and back to garden were all was fine.runs like a goodun.just need to test fly it.so i have the means to be airbourne again.til ppg arrives.also got a macpara spice wing to try when ppg gets here.



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