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Login 'issues'


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This seems to be the only site I have login problems with!

Originally, I would just hit the login button and would be redirected. Then, the full list of available tabs(?) would appear on the right of the front page, in the box.

But recently, I keep trying to login and the box on right does not 'open' to dispaly the full list. Yet I am shown as being logged in at the bottom of the page. Entering my username and password at the bottom of page would bring the full list up (in box on right) but only for about 4-5 secs then drop out again!

I did not make any adjustments to the laptop prior to this, as it opens all the other forums without problem.

I have found that by going into the Internet Options-Security page, that when I uncheck the box for 'Enable Protected Mode' the login process is working perfectly.

This then leaves a message in a bar at the top of page warning that protected mode is turned off.

I have moved some of the sliders down to lower the 'filtering' of websites, but they do not make any difference.

I did try adding this site to the 'trusted sites' list with revised settings, but it would not accept the website address. Needed to start with https:// ??

As you can probably guess, I'm not that hot on computer stuff.

The laptop is running windows XP, with IE 7? I think.

Anyone got an idea for a complete luddite!!

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First off,

Try... closing all web windows and then removing the Cache and cookie data.

This will work.

Also, make sure that you are going to .org and not .co.uk.

Our system may have some security features that clash with your particular system settings. Most other forums do not have security systems.

It will be something simple, for me it was as simple as getting a Mac. :-)


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  • 6 months later...

Did you ever get to the bottom of this (without having to buy a mac!)?

My laptop has started doing a very similar thing in that when I log on, the larger options box shows for a split second along with a dialogue confirming that I'm logged on but I'm then immediately logged off again.

I can log on using my new android phone and that's how I'm on here. I've cleared my cookies and temp internet files but still unable to log in on the laptop. I'm suspecting that the new phone may have triggered some extra security on this site, although there was never a conflict when logging on with my old iphone?

Any help or advice will be gratefully received (other than to ditch the PC! Lol)



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Cleared cookies etc.

Going to .org

Still does the same!

Can't afford a MAC - spent money on a Parajet...... :roll:

At least if you had bought a Mac you would now be using it :lol: ..... Sorry couldn't resist... :wink:

And for those of you that might be thinking it's an issue with Parajet.. I happen to know it's actually a problem with his Pies.. and that's not a euphemism for certain parts of his body :shock:

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then it should be a matter of clearing the cache etc from the tools/options menu. alterntively try starting a new tab using the inprivate setting which if i remember is an option near the top (i'm on IE9 so it's bound to have moved). This should give you a browser session with no history so to speak. if it works using that. then it's most definitely cookies and crap like that.

hope this helps


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