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Changing from low to high hang point

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I am sorry for the barrage of questions tonight but i am just keen to make my next purchase the right one.

I have been trying out a range of paramotors over the last few days, with a view to changing to a bigger engine.

Out of my list of motors one has kept comming to the top of my list. It meets all my requirments in terms of price, dealer support, and most importantly I can easily get in and out of the harness. On the ground, I have yet to fly this motor though.

My only concern is that it is high hang point and every thing else I have ever flown has been low hang points.

Have any of you ever changed? If so how did you get on?

In particular do you end up getting sore arms after a while as the brakes would be higher i assume.

Is it still easy to get to the risers for things like adjusting the trimmers, and getting to tip steering toggles(dudek nucleon) \ big ears etc

I assume that the launch tequnique will just need the risers to be held higher and a bit of practice?

Many Thanks


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hey Barry

As far as i know having high hang points will not give you sore arm's as you just adjust the brake lines and use a different pulley. High hang points will give you a numb felling to the wing "or smoother ride" what ever you prefer. but as you have come from paragliding then i would assume you like the rock and roll!!!! :P

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