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Electric motors?


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Do you think it would be possible to build an electric paramotor for a reasonable price? I know some of you have looked into it and there are some prototypes out there, but I don't think you can buy pre-built ones for a reasonable cost.

I have been trying to do the maths, but I have too many unknowns. Does any body know much torque/power do we need to take off, and how much do we need to cruise? What speed do the props spin at? I think the motors would do the job, but finding cheap and light batteries is more difficult.

Lemco and Agni motors seem to have some potential motors. The Lemco 127 motor is capable of approx 21hp, but at 400 amps (peak) it would need some good batteries.

LiFePO4 batteries seem to be light weight and safe, but expensive. 16Ah @ 48V is around $700. 64Ah would weigh a little over 30Kg, but at 400 amps it would have a flat battery in 10 minutes.

Does anybody have any thoughts or ideas, particularly with the batteries?

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The trouble with batteries is that they "contain" all of the fuel. With petrol engines you have two components to the fuel -

1/ petrol

2/ air

The air is the biggest component but fortunately it is widely available everywhere so you only need to carry the petrol. I think battery/motor technology is already pretty amazing so it would have to take a big leap forward to match internal combustion engines because of the fore mentioned advantage.

Am I right?


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It will most likely boil down to price, weight, and benefit over combustion engine.

As it stands the E-Pac, monches through £1000 worth of batteries in a year and need replacing. (Based on Bears machine)

So add £3000 to your cost over 3 years.


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Thats a fair point, but I recon the E-pac has done well under that number of hours for the same cost.

I would go so far as to say half it or more.

It did go to Antartica, which may have softened the battery a little I suppose.


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