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The Counties.


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Here is a list of all of the counties in the UK. Couinties marked in bold already have Paramotor Club forums.

* Avon

* Bedfordshire

* Berkshire

* Borders

* Buckinghamshire

* Cambridgeshire

* Central

* Cheshire

* Cleveland

* Clwyd

* Cornwall

* County Antrim

* County Armagh

* County Down

* County Fermanagh

* County Londonderry

* County Tyrone

* Cumbria

* Derbyshire

* Devon

* Dorset

* Dumfries and Galloway

* Durham

* Dyfed

* East Sussex

* Essex

* Fife

* Gloucestershire

* Grampian

* Greater Manchester

* Gwent

* Gwynedd County

* Hampshire

* Herefordshire

* Hertfordshire

* Highlands and Islands

* Humberside

* Isle of Wight

* Kent

* Lancashire

* Leicestershire

* Lincolnshire

* Lothian

* Merseyside

* Mid Glamorgan

* Norfolk

* Northamptonshire

* Northumberland

* Nottinghamshire

* Oxfordshire

* Powys

* Rutland

* Shropshire

* Somerset

* South Glamorgan

* Staffordshire

* Strathclyde

* Suffolk

* Surrey

* Tayside

* Tyne and Wear

* Warwickshire

* West Glamorgan

* West Midlands

* West Sussex

* West Yorkshire

* Wiltshire

* Worcestershire

* Yorkshire

If you are Paramotor pilot that lives in one of the counties above, and would like to get involved in a) the Tip to Tip and b) creating a network of Paramotor Clubs so that we can all 'club hop' in the summers ahead please get in touch. We are not here to govern or set out rules, we are just here to fly safe and have fun.

We welcome anyone from anywhere, we do not care what sticker is on your helmet or indeed if you don't have a sticker at all.

Give me a call now and your forum will be live in an hour and on page one of google in two day's. 07983 428 453

Thanks for reading!


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