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Well, were to start?

My earliest vision of PPG was working in Ovingdean in the summers and watching this guy just run along the cliff line. It just looked relaxing. I think I have worked out who it is now!

I finally took the plunge and decided to make the call.

After thankfully discovering this great site (cheers Simon), I had the list of instructors down to 2 people. It finally came down to shear logistics - basically, travelling time from Shoreham.

I know from teaching Scuba Diving that days get pretty long when you have to drive for 1.5 hrs each way and then the weather has other ideas!

So Steve Haze it was.

A quick chat on the phone and we arranged to meet at Nork Park(?!) on the Thursday and Friday for some 'ground handling'. I have a strange sense of humour and at this point was not helpling me!!!

After a bit of paper filling and a brief of the course syllabus, it was staright down to the hard work.

I had never seen a wing laid out on the ground before - and it was massive! Lines running in just about every direction, and colours......so we started on A,B,C,D...I'm a bit thick is me.

As with any kind of sport, it's all in the technique - which I don't have.

I knew from reading a few books what building a wall should look like, but the wing was faulty.

It kept doing its own thing. Or was it me?

Anyhow, as there was a nice breeze blowing Steve got me into the harness and the running began!

Wing goes left, wing goes right, Steve remains calm and is gentle with me on my first day.

Unlike the other poor soul on long term training - Steve can fill that one in!

For such a young looking chap, by christ he can shout.

Both days were very sunny, but the thermals were very evident on Friday. It really was a case of guess the wind direction, stand, wait, run....you get the idea.

BUT boy, when the breeze was steady, that wing was overhead and my little trotters were nymph like across the grass. Must have been Steve pushing to get some hops going!!

I'm beginning to like this being pushed malarky. Steve used some excuse about asthma to stop for a break. He makes it look so convincing - red face, sweaty, difficult speech. Yep, I'm gonna pay for that now!

What I really got into was the small training wing for stronger winds, now they are fun. So responsive to the controls.

Sofar, I have had two great days of weather and teaching. And all I keep thinking about is getting airborne!

Another couple of days training/theory this week is allocated, so lets see what hapens.

Oh, and hurry up Parajet.....


ps I am aware of the carb situation!

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