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Hi all,

As most of you know I secured access to a site in the Nutbourne \ Hambrook area, I have personally had access to this site for more than a year.

After discussions with the land owner I have managed to get access for visiting pilots on a more regular basis. However as this is a potentially sensative site it has been agreed with the land owner that some level of control is in place.

For anyone wishing to fly there please contact either me (Barry Holleran on 07748986084) or (Mark Morgan on 07731599660) preferably the night before so that we can arrange for the gate to be opened. It may be possible on shorter notice but to avoid inconvienience please allow as much time as possible.

Mark and I have drawn up some site no fly zones, which are attached to this post. If you do intend to fly there please familiarise your self with these areas BEFORE flying.

For those less computer litterate the attached file is a zipped kmz (Google earth file) and you will need Google earth to view the file.

The area's in Red are "No Fly Zones"

The area's in Blue are "Only above 500ft agl"

The area's in Yellow are "Only above 1000ft agl"

And common sense to be applied everwhere else. :)



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Hi Barry

. Thanks for setting up West Sussex branch (so we don,t have to mix with surrey scum) and for getting this great flying site down your way. It should really open up trips to the Isle of Wight for us. I put it on my flying sites map

http://maps.google.co.uk/maps/ms?ie=UTF ... 66&t=h&z=4

However I have no idea if it is possible to include the flight restriction info you posted . You can edit it if you like.

Have fun Seymore

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For those of you that use the hambrook site.......

There are now horse's in the field behind the little house to the NE of the field (the little blue square) this was marked as do not overfly under 500ft... but if you could give it a very wide birth as they are a bit skitty even with engines off!!!! :lol:

Many thanks

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I have been reliably informed that the grass (small jungle) has now been cut, so we should be good to go from Hambrook again.

With that in mind can I just remind everyone to familiarize themselves with the restricted\ no fly zones, and remember to give sufficient notice to either Mark or I if you intend to fly.

For any who are interested the gate will be open at 15:00 today and Kevin and I (Possibly Mark) intend to fly there sometime this evening.




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