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Next one a Kobra

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Looking at the build quality and hearing about the great after sales my next choice of motor over getting a Pap isw gonna have be a Kobra.

Speaking to Vince (Kobra uk)the other day they can make a 1250 cage to suit me and with either to Polini or Top80

Just need to get some cash now and a buyer for my Pap 1250!

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ive seen the kobra polini fly, it has masses of torque, all polinis on low hang seem to have this torque twist, the only 1 that ive seen that does not is the bulldog, have a look at 1 of those first before picking the kobra, far superior machine and you can get 1 60% down with the rest over 12 months

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Not sure what you mean about torque with the Kobra Polini ? I've owned a Kobra over 6 months now and there is zero torque steer in flight - and that is with the much more powerful Simonini Evo engine. The frame, harness and cage designs are virtually identical, and the offset pivot arms counter it perfectly.

Viewed from behind on a full power launch & climb out there is some counter rotation of the cage (clockwise) that you would expect from any powerful engine, but even then the pull to the right is very slight and easily countered. Once fully seated in the harness and during normal flight it is so non existent that I never need to use the torque effect adjuster on the Nucleon.

The Buldog is nicely made but high hang point so a different flying experience to the low active pivot arms on the Kobra.

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Hi Matt

I threw in the towel owning motors with loads of power and gambled on a Polini and a motor with a clutch I have never had before.

Having never had so much reliability and flying time I was supprised that the Polini had the power to get me off the ground (96kg).

Just before I opened the web page I was just saying to my other half that I would like to try the bulldog because clive has the knowledge of the sport and if its designed by him then its good. Not sure if you are mixing torque twist which was on the high hang point Fresh breeze( that I also had ) with some rotation on the cage when viewed from photo's (videos) when taking off. I flew in the Nationals last year with the various tasks and never felt that I was torque controlled in any direction.

I would look at the polini because its designed by the best and get a test of the bulldog for the same reason.


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ive seen the kobra polini fly, it has masses of torque, all polinis on low hang seem to have this torque twist,..............

I have found that paramotors with low hangpoints and swinging arms are normally are less effected by torque than paramotors with fixed points or higher arms, but more susceptible to changes of the angle of thrust especially when getting into the seat.

Paul D

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All paramotors experience torque turn it’s a by product of turning a propeller in a given direction.

Newton’s 3rd Law. For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.

The force needed to match the resistance (drag) of trying to spin a propeller through air is felt and seen in the paramotor wanting to turn in the same axis but in the opposite direction.

Higher hang points deal with primary effects of torque as the connection point of the wing is further away from the centre of the propeller so has less leverage, but typically higher hang points don’t cancel out the remaining effects of torque. Low hang points suffer more from the primary effects being that the connection point of the wing is a lot closer to the centre of the propeller and the leverage is at its strongest. Because the arms independently pivot allowing the weight of the machine to act as a counter weight.

The Bulldog harness although uses a spreader bar system for more comfort sill allows the machine to independently pivot to help counter the torque or deliberate weightshift for assisted turning.

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