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tons of power and tons of torque twist, i sold my airfer polini low hang because of this, I only flew it twice. no fun. look at the bulldog polini no twist or torque effect, test fly 1 of them superb machine, with lots of thought gone into it, not just an engine and frame like the others

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Now the polini has been out for a while what are your views?

A few early ones suffered from holed pistons, problem solved with upgrade kit free of charge. Since then engine as been fine. I've given mine over 120hrs of abuse at a pilot weight of 98kg and flying a Nucleon 23m2 from time to time but mainly a 31m2.

In the world of paramotoring Polini are the largest company producing engines and have jumped on and designed out any fur balls that developed.

So all in all I am very happy with the performance, reliability and backup from Polini in the Thor engine.

Feel free to call me if you would like to know more about the engine.



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Have flown 2 Polini motors one in Clive Bunce PPG and one in the Fresh Breeze Frame. I found them more powerfull than H&E 120 but not as powerfull as Fresh breeze Simonini. I am 105kg naked at moment but would consider a Polini engine.

They did have early problems. fresh breeze said it was fuel delivery and changed the carb which seems to have worked, they also changed the plastic covering allowing for better cooling arround the head. Parajet described it as an electrical or timing fault but I am not sure if they have found a solution or not. Simon may know more.

My H&E is actually a Polini head barrell and Piston on a H&E crank. They / H&E took off the Polini logo cast on the head with an angle grinder on the visible section of the head but when stripping off the barrell the polini logo was still there. I took Photo's of this when in bits if anyone has doubts. reason for saying this is that i have thrashed the living daylights out of my H&E with my fat body and have been impressed with reliability but struggle with the lack of power. If I could lose 10kg and get fitter things would be better. Last flew the H&E Tuesday 19th for 1 hour 45 mins on 6.5 ltrs fuel burn which is good for me.


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