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Asking for trouble

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I know I'm inviting lots of 'well meaning' critisism by posting this video, because for around 2 minutes of this flight, if the engine would have stopped I would have been well and truly f**ked...... oh, and also there is a possibility that I may have dropped below 500ft at times :lol:

Enjoy, without casting any stones, ye sinners :wink:



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Great video, editing & envious location !

No stones on our beach (just sand) - and I think we must be using similar cameras that make things look much closer than they actually are .... ! :lol:

Superb video. Enjoyed every minute of the 15 :shock:

LOL at the chasing dogs.

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You should have been a bit more creative with the weedkiller in your field - maybe design something a bit more lemmings style ;)

Funny you should say that....

Just in case anyone was fooled by that photo....., I haven't gone mad, it's been photoshopped :)

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