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Need a big boy's reserve...


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Morning All

For a while now I've had my sights set on an Apco Mayday BI (big lad). However, at £600 I need to be sure before I fork out! Just wanted to weigh up some other possible options (which I'm hoping to generate here) :D

Do you think it would be worth looking for a second hand model, and if so, what would your criteria be? Never deployed/less than 5 years old etc?

Or are there other models that would offer the same descent rate that I may have missed? Ebay generally doesn't have much to offer, so where would you look?



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Hi Lee - I've also got the Mayday 20 as it came out best in tests and one of the few that actually comes down under 5.5m/s at maximum load (160kg).

Whilst the Bi/tandem versions will come down slightly slower it is still a lot faster than landing a glider with a fair chance of minor injury. The extra bulk and weight of the Bi will also cause problems, so I think you are better going for the 20 since you will probably never need it anyway - and if something catastrophic does happen it will still be surviveable.

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