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ROS paramotor motors


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I have just been reading "Leisure Aviation" 07/08 edition in the

paramotor section Back Bone paramotors are using the ROS engines they

have a ROS 200 with quote "40 HP" has any one seen this engine ? is

this possible or is it a misprint.

p.s. anyone have any experience with the ROS engine good or bad what

Iv seen of the smaller versions they run very very well.

many thanks Miles

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Hi mate, ive added a few posts a while back regarding the rossi,all I can say of my own opinion is they are absolutley fantastic and would happily stick with paps,they are light,very well made,have loads of power and very economical compared to others. My instructor has a clemente simmonini and has got it up for sale,he says its far too heavy for him and dose'nt need all that power which is where I think the paps come into play whereas power and lightness is concerned,hes getting one next. All I can say is good luck on whatever motor you go for and hope it brings many hours of enjoyment as mine does :D

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