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Solo rough running at high revs


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Has anyone got any ideas about this? It's a Solo 210 with Bing 32 carb. Prop balance is OK.

I think it's been getting gradually worse, suggesting wear?

I have found the carb needle has wear, so the top 6L1 marking is now missing the 6.

Tickover is fine. Max revs is about 6250, no change.

At cruise revs of 4750 it's smooth but at about 5100 and particularly at 5800 there is a roughness that vibrates the exhaust system a lot.

It's almost like there are ignition interruptions, the timing is set as it always has been.

The FB manual talks of a similar thing after run-in when the fuel is too rich. The carb needle is set to the top most groove which is the default setting after run-in. I have tried adjusting the mixture screw, up to 1 turn lean and 1/4 turn rich but this doesn't seem to make any difference.

Any experience?



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