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Tj's paramotor training blog.


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Actually, my hat is officially away due to double figure temperatures being maintained during the day.

I reserve the right to dig it back out for the evenings at fly-ins and other camping trips.


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All this talk of hats has put me off my blog!

So, at the age of 5 I user to run to the back doors to watch planes at less than 500 ft on short finals to Farnborough. The massive Antonov, the first migs "welcome to UK airspace" and concorde who used to blow our roof tiles!

I always fancied the military (dirty buggers) since my best mates dad was a red top captain. I just liked the hat! For my 21st birthday the girlfriend of the time bought me a flying lesson and I've always loved flying to & from holidays! I was also massively involved with st. Amjohnbulance, which I loved.

So, fast forward a good 20 years or so and there's me on my way to a TA training night from kings x to wolverhampton. I looked at the mag I'd swipe from the first class & there's a pic of some dude paramotoring.

"the cheapest form of powered flight"

That's for me!

So, picture me, sat at home with a busted ankle after standing on a beer bottle when I should have been in Kenya with the regular army. Michael Burke pops up on 999 on a RAF SAR helo.

Military, medical and flying! I joined the RAF as a trainee crewman a few years later...let's just say I wasn't a natural! More flying in my next post...



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  • 9 months later...

Blimey, 9 months later and that lesson should happen tomorrow! Have been busy hence no blog/no training.

Good weather window, hat ready, bottle filled!

Despite reading loads on here I'm still not 100% sure what to expect but I'm looking forward to it.

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