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Two Radios


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I have two Alinco DJ195's.

My question is, can i talk to the other radio set 'hands free' so to speak ?

Taking off and flying with both hands occupied and then having to reach down or across to press a button to talk or answer just complicates things?

How do tandem flyers instructors accomplish this?

Do the the hand sets need to be set in a particular way? Just havent found anything in the manual to address this?

Any comments/information would be appreciated.


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Hi Mike,

I have never come across any radio where you can set it in permanent transmit without using an external latching switch, or temporary Tx with VOX.

Do you mean an intercom between headsets for the tandem instruction?

There are some dual band radios which will transmit on one band and receive on the other at the same time, Icom IC-W2 for instance.

With 2 UHF and 2 VHF radios (or 2 dual band like W2s) you could have a 'full duplex' setup where you can talk and listen at the same time (like a telephone) but you would still need a switch to hold the transmit on.

I used to do this with other radio amateurs on amateur television so we had a live two way video link up.



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Hi Alan,

Thanks for getting back to me.

Yes, want to be able to chit chat.....but you're right an intercom seems the easiest option.

My radios do have the facility where you can send and receive on different channels.

I understand your point..............you would still have to press the button.

Many Thanks.


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