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Dedham Vale (Essex/Suffolk) Fly in May 13/15th


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Hi, I can confirm the location for the weekend.

Hall Farm, Stratford St Mary, CO7 6LS

For those of you flying in, the co-ordinates are:- Latitude 51.963387 Longitude 0.976624

We should be at the field from 4pm onwards on Friday 13th!!

More updates to follow as things develop!


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Hi Eddie - as far as the long range weather forecast allows, the fly-in is still going ahead, although other messages will be posted nearer the time if the weather is doubtful.

The price for a non member of the Lemmings Club will be £20 for the weekend camping/flying, no fly zone details will be given on the day of arrival.

It has been arranged with a local pub for bar meals in the evenings.

Bottle of brandy given to the closest spot landing!

We shall be in the field from 4pm on Friday 13th! Hope to see you and many more at the fly in.

Best wishes, safe flying, Wendy

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Im up for it, are you going Dave ?

yes mate, I am sure Matt said he fancied it too, not been able to get hold of him by phone lately.

obviously I wont be flying now I am motorless :(

well I see he is still able to access the internet,



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Hi, just posting details for approaching the village for the weekend.

If flying, approach along the main A12 where you will see the flying field - please avoid flying over the village, especially the north, or top end by the church unless you are at a minimum of 1000 feet, due to horses and farm animals. The flying field is one of the furthest from the farm.

If driving, head for Stratford St Mary, Hall Farm, where you will pick up the signs to the field just outside the entrance of the farm.

Fees are £10 for Lemmings members, £20 for non members for weekend camping. £5 if not staying overnight. We are fundraising for Asthma UK.

Plenty of local pubs and resturants - one in particular will do late bar meals and full English breakfasts from 9:30 am.


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I am hoping to be there, possibly on the Friday if the weather is okay.

When are you going up?

You are always welcome to borrow my PAP to have a fly on a 'bend it/mend it' rule, I will even start it for you!


Hi Ed, thanks for the offer, I may take you up on that.

I will be going up on the friday after work :D

Hope to see you there


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