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Mark Morgan over Climping Beach


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I flew down to a new field Mark and Barry have found just South of Chichester, then back along the coast to Worthing, before coming back inland and finding a few smooth thermals as the wind dropped right off. 3 hrs flying and fuel left for one more. 7 days in a row I have been flying, mostly short hops between working.



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Hi seymor

I think you will find thats elmer beach :roll::wink::wink:

I left you at the littlehamptom river only took me 30mins to get back and smooth all the way home.

I had a good look at the new field from the air and seems to be fine but we will have to have some no fly zones i think..

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Good find guys

I agree - had a good weeks flying....

I flew yesterday from Exmoor to a friends field in Ladram Bay on the South Devon coast - what a beautiful place. Nice easy take off and cross downwind - only took an hour at 42mph full trim.

2 miles off Ladram Bay the engine broke again - loads of vibration, 30% power..... :x

I pulled the trimmers in and glided / thermalled the rest.

Gonna get the engine looked at tonight by Ted.

Michel is convinced I'm cursed I rekon!

Shortly after I landed another PPG was overhead - looked like a red Synthesis.....?

I'm free after work for some flying now the clocks have changed :D

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Morgy / Steve,

Looking forward to flying with you again soon - keen to start . Hopefully I'll get my engine back soon, it's going back to Parajet this week. Shame not to fly back with you guys on Friday, glad the problem with the engine happened while I was over Membury not half an hour later though...

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Hi Pete

You had a lucky one there having an engine out over the take off field as you know its mainly farm land out that way you could have had a long walk!!!!! :( I hope para jet sort your motor out for you.. any idea what was up with it??? "apart from being a 2stroke" :lol:

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