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1st Emergency Landing

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The inevitable 'engine out' happened yesterday evening whilst out flying the coast with a couple of buddies.

Fortunately I had the camera on and recorded the event.

A bit embarassing really because without realising it I accidentely hit the kill switch :oops: and it's not possible to restart in the air.

My immediate reaction, in hindsight, was quite funny because for the first few seconds I think I was in denial because I just kept squeezing the throttle not quite understanding why the noise had gone and why I was going down :roll:

Anyway, fortunately I spotted a suitable bit of beach, made my approach into wind and landed without incident.

Really need to get a radio because I couldn't let my friends know that I'd killed the engine myself by accident and all was fine. They raced back to the field to get the car.

I wondered how I would react in this situation and although I was incredibly lucky that I had height and a nice soft landing place, I was chuffed that I kept my cool and came away unscathed.

In the video I nudged the 'land now' button at 4.40 and it took a good few seconds of figuring out what the f**k had happened before I get my act together and focus on my landing spot.

I have a rule of videoing every flight and using the recording as a flight log. Amongst other things, it tells me exactly how long each flight is.


I know that the experienced amongst you will have faced this situation numerous times, but the first time it happens, it really focuses the attention.



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Great video. Like I found recently (on another thread) it is easy to become complacent with a fairly reliable engine, but they all will cut out at some time so its more a case of when, not if ...

Best to mentally rehearse all the eventualities than have to deal with them in the heat of the moment, but even better that you practiced it for real with a nice safe landing.

As for hindsight, I had another 'blonde moment' the other day trying to pump out a big cravat with brakes, then yanking stabilo and other lines whilst stuck flying in circles - when simply pulling an asymetric or big ear would have probably resolved it quicker - but all good fun to practice.

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Well done, I couldn't believe how long you stayed over the water after the engine cut out......

Regarding your mate on the blue/yellow wing: Let him know that he either has a knot in one of his brake lines or it's a bad replacement. Doesn't look much of an issue though.


Yeah I noticed this as I was flying and tried to get some footage to show him. He's going to investigate it this week.

Well spotted though.


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Great video..... Well handled, great landing and very good relaunch after the landing.

I'd have been a little nervous taking off facing the water, you are relying on the engine there a bit.


Thanks Gordon. Re the launch over the water, I would never be comfortable with doing this, but I made sure I got out of Dodge City PDQ and also I was happy the engine was sweet unlike my right thumb :oops:

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Most entertaining! I once had the same thing happen during my 5th powered flight, not a problem for an old pg pilot though I had to make do with an odd field - not a lovely beach!


As I gain some experience on my paramotor, it's becoming evident how valuable having some paragliding experience would be, just being Used to being up in the air with no engine must be invaluable experience for when you have an engine out on a PPG

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