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Get flying on a budget

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I am new paramotors but it looks like a lot of fun.

I have completed a skydiving course 3 years ago and I also have my PPL but i realise neither of these cover all the skills needed for paramotoring, but I want to try and get flying on a budget.

I have seen setups for around £1500-£2000 used but then cant really afford to pay an extra £800 for training.

Is there a cheap way to get trained up if you have your own kit or do I just need to bite the bullet and pay around £800 for training?

Thanks a lot for your advice.


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Hi Luke,

Many of us do this because its the absolute cheapest form of powered aviation (and probably the most fun). 8)

As has been said on many threads before, training is not really an area where you can afford to cut costs. Your PPL will save a bit of time on the theory side, but consider the practical training as more of an investment than monetary cost.


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Hi Luke.

I'm in the middle of training at the moment and i can't really imagine teaching myself. I find a lot of it counter intuitive so the training's going to save me money & injuries in the long run and it's nice to have someone there to lift the motor off after you've face planted :oops:

I've done gliding and got my PPL etc but there's no comparison between a fixed wing and a kite.

Good luck whichever way you decide to go.


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Hi Luke, I'm just starting out myself, done a bit of paragliding 23 years ago, but I'm quite a bit older and things have changed, I wouldn't recommend you skimp on the training, starting the right way is the only way to learn, it's yours and possibly others lives at risk if things go tits up. Use the cash you have to get training and either join the 100 club as per Simons suggestion or wait until you can afford the kit. I wish you well which ever road you take. :)

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