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GoPro stuck in teL after viewing on TV

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It appears the Gopro has an in built problem. If viewing your movie directly from the camara on the TV by setting Live Feed Off LFF the GoPro then freezes in the teL mode. This is a common problem and Gopro will change the unit but I dont think it will fix the problem. You can get the camara to work again by changing the settings:

I did a soft re-set by removing and re-inserting the battery, then hold shutter button switch down and press front button a few times. You then have to change the settings and operate the camera in Live Feed On (LFO) mode instead of Live Feed Off (LFF). If you change the settings back to LFF to view on the TV the GoPro will revert back to stuck in teL mode and need a soft re-set as above and settings changed back to LFO.

I guess we will have to wait for a upgrade to fix this minor glitch. At least the camara still works ok in LFO mode, I hope.

Anyone else have this problem?


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