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flew the 294 Compact today!!


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I know that it's a Parajet and that people would assume that I would naturally give them a good review but.... If you ask Jim (the MD) and Gilo (The founder) they will both tell you that I am very vocal about problems with the kit when it arrises.

So today I had a fly on Darren's new Parajet 294 Rotary engined compact.

When on tick over it's fair to say it's a little lumpy.... (this is true of all rotary engines)

As soon as you touch the throttle this turns into a very smooth minimal vibration (less than a normal engine by about 80%)

I am not sure on the exact thrust numbers for this unit but S**T!!!!!! it's more than the 2 stroke Parajet Macro by a large chunk!

On a Paramania Fusion 23 at 75kg, I could not get passed just over 1/2 throttle!!!

The flight was short as I picked the worst time of day to fly, and I had a bad mindset (Mia my little dog is very ill at the moment and most of my mind was on her)

Over the next few days, Darren will be flying it and we should be able to get some more numbers together.

I would have to say ( in a impulse buy kind of way....) I WANT ONE!!!! Its a compact, with the power of a battle ship!

more later with some vid so you can hear how amazing it sounds!!

Thanks for letting me have a blat on your bling Darren!


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40 minutes and I don't think I can wait a anymore, I'm sat in my truck waiting to get on a bay to unload, I need some entertainment Simon :D how did Darren get on, it's been a long wait, bet he's well chuffed, or scared s€$¥less :D:acro: with that beast, might try and pop over on the way to work, if I don't finish too late tonight/morning :(

Sorry to here Mia is suffering after the attack on Monday :x

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Hi Simon, sorry to hear about Mia, thought she might of been ok once you got home, but I guess the black lab did more than we thought. Hope she gets well soon.

I'm sure Darren will let you have another go once you have a clearer mind set, but I bet he's well chuffed with it. Look forward to seeing the video though.

All the best


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