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Spanish Paramotor holiday

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Hi guys

Dont know if anyone is interested in a paramotor holiday in Valencia but my parents are letting their villa out from April for as little or as long as required.

It sleeps 7 with an outdoor pool and 20 minutes from the coast.

Its in Algar de palancia,(about 1 hour north of valencia city) the biggest town near it is Sagunto.

I have been there loads of times with the family but never taken my kit yet and there is always guys up and down the beach there.

If anyone wants to go it will be very reasonable as they are looking at selling it.

My dad will meet you there and leave you to it.

If groups are interested i can wack up some pictures and more details.

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The biggest bummer is having to drive the motors over in a van, any offers of a driver...??

And finding a decent take off site!!

Have a look on google earth.

We know what its like to have olive groves all round.

I would not be cheap to get the kit out there now with the price of fuel ect.

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Have a look on google and see what you think!

I will say its in the hills and a bit and tucked out the way but as a base camp to cool down drink san miguel and swim after a day of flying around somewhere new and hot its perfect!

The beaches are very quiet aswell.

I will get some pictures on here tomorrow.

My parents usually drive over there and get the sea cat from plymouth to bilboa (20hrs ferry 6hrs drive) or dover to calais then a good days drive but i am sure there are loads of other options

Full address is

Algar de palancia



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Oops - I thought you were Steve Meds from Ellesmere Port.... :oops:

We had a great time last year, mostly free flying in Annecy then met up with Lemmings, Lancashire HotProps and a few other UK paramotorists at St. Hilaire.

Its in September if you want to join us, but no firm travel dates set yet.


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Thanks - I've flown the corridor a couple of times from Stretton airfield but it is a bit restrictive. It would be nice to have an outing from your place and maybe get some photo's of Oulton Park from a different perspective, as I've driven the track a few times ...

We tend to fly the Wirral coast when the tide is out, and also from Ormskirk - which gives an easy run to the Southport coast, or Parbold / Winter Hill areas.

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