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New from Reading

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I'm new to the sport, done 15 flights. Have got a Flash easy 100 fly castelluccio & trained at Skyschool, Wiltshire. I don't see anyone from Reading paramotoring & was wondering if there were any pilots

near to me? Had a quick flight today to practice my landing which went ok.

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There are quite a few of us (probably about 20 or so) from within a 20 mile radius of Reading. A lot of the guys fly from a farmers field north-east of Basingstoke. At the moment I'm trying to locate a suitable site to the east of Reading for the small group of guys I fly with.



v23nb at yahoo dot co dot uk

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I'm in Reading. New pilot but I fly regularly, all over the place while I am asking around for a regular field to fly in. I have heard about the Basingstoke crew; havent seen any of them around. There is a guy who flys around Sullham Woods abd I have looked for him but no luck yet.

Let me know if you want to get out there one evening when the sun comes back out! I fly a Black Hawk 172 and a regular Paratoys.com wing (Red and white in case you see me in the air).




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Hi Guys,

I'm really new to the sport! Just about to start lessons with Simon. I live on the East side of Reading so I'd love to hook up with some people close to me. The Lambourne site is wonderful but it is a good 45 minutes' drive. Perhaps there is an opportunity for lift sharing etc.


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Hi there.

It's great to see so many "newbies" I am also in Reading and would love to get into the sport, I love anything to do with aviation and done a tiny bit of flying in light aircraft and gliders but want the freedome of paramotoring.

Cheers for now.

Mike, West Reading

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