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How Birthdays should be spent

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Hello fellow aviators,

Feeling pretty chilled at the moment, you'll see why in a moment:

Following a leisurely breakfast the forcast was favourable this morning, so up to the ULM field to commit aviation.

The wind was light and in a fairly constant direction so took off at 10:29 this morning.

Flew over towards Belabre, hadn't flow this way in a while, I like to vary the direction a bit so as not to annoy people in any set direction with the motor noise. Not that the French are too bothered as they seem to accept aviation as a 'right', :dive:

Took the camera and fired off a few shots:


Passed over a village called Nesmes, the 's'es aren't pronounced, so it's 'Neme':


Not far away is another chateau:


On the way back flying into the sun I took a photo of yours truly, slightly out of focus as I've only got a short lanyard on the camera:


Shirley and I went to the local restaurant for lunch, hence the chilled out state, here is the interior:


A very nice beer was on offer so a couple of these were consumed, apart from the house red (very nice too):


The main course was 'Rosbif avec pomme frites', steak and chips - yummy.

The cheese platter was the next course, imagine this in the UK - NOT. Help yourself and never mind a cover :?:


A very nice time was had and then back home for a doze before writing it up on here.



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