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Heating your flying suit


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It looks interesting and worth a go if you have a 12v out for the price I recon.

Try one,

If its good we can use the pmc as a way to get bulk discount as you say.

If it works!


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Hi Pete,

I have been using some Klan heated gloves on my motorcycle for some time now. I would certainly recommend the gloves over heated grips. The power consumption of the gloves is approx. 2 amps, so no problems there. Just a question about heated clothing.......if you have the whole shooting match, jacket, trousers, socks, vests, gloves, knickers etc. (just joking about the knickers, but it is a thought!) would the output be able to cope with all that?



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Hi bendme

I am not going for heated gloves but more for a heated suit with the kit I mentioned.

If you were to go for all separate items then I am sure that the current drain would be way to much for the

charging system on any motor we use.

The kit I am going to try is rated at 55 watts which is 4.5 amps and as the charging system on the simmo is 5 amps(if correct) then it should run ok, even if it was drawing more or the simo was not producing enough power it will not be too much of a problem as I will not be using the heat on continually but in short intervals.

The temperature will be controlled by a thermostat (if it all works out right)

Thanks for all the info more food for thought.

Pete b

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Not a sparky mind but.....

I just looked at the output of the new Parajet unit that is on a pre production test on my volution, and it say's Output = 75w.

And I must say that I can use the Heated Jacked on full and still have a full battery when I need it now.


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This is an old thread but.................does anyone have any experience of Gerbing heated jackets and gloves? I've got both jacket and gloves which worked really well on my bike (how I miss my Blackbird) and now want to use it for flying. Gerbing do a rechargeable 12v lipo battery which should be up to the job but I don't know if the socket on my jacket will fit the battery as they are about 5 -6 years.

I have e mailed Gerbing but no reply as yet.

Does anyone know if the connectors have remained unchanged over the years?


PS. Can anyone do anything about the weather :(

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Look into Gerbing riding gear. I have a set I power off the bike. Gloves plug into my jacket and they and my pants plug into a controller. Now for the paramotor or glider, they make a battery pack model too. Pricey but other companies are available. Going with a heating strip, I'd be afraid of a in-flight barbeque!

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