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Wing Cleaners

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There was a long thread about these on PG forum. The consensus was the 303 aerospace protectant worked well on older wings and significantly improved porosity readings, BUT nobody wanted to try it on newer wings in case it invalidated the manufacturers warranty.

My personal view is that if you were going to use 303 you should apply it to a brand new wing, to protect against UV and stains from day one. It has to be applied regularly though, and most people trade in their wing well before reaching the 300+ hour lifespan that most wings are easily capable of reaching, so is it worth the bother ? Maybe for a school wing that is out in the sun for a lot longer, and being dragged around more.

As for cleaners, the manufacturers all insist that nothing is used on the fabric except clean, fresh water and a soft sponge, so is anything else worth the risk ?

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