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Changing brake length for comfort without affecting the wing

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I'm after some advice:

I have a Sky Anakis wing for paragliding, and bought a high hang point paramotor recently. I had few flights on it under the supervision of an instructor. I've noticed that the brakes are too high at present: it gets uncomfortable on the longer flights, and I was finding it far too easy to brake the wing as I was taking off.

Does anyone have any tips for safely lowering the brake handles? Obviously I don't want to change the geometry of the wing by moving where the brakes rest on the stops. I'd also like to have the option of swapping between the free flying harness and paramotor without loads of time and effort. I was thinking of adding another loop of line or handle below the existing handle for flying with the high hangpoints. Is this feasible?

I've finished the BHPA syllabus for club pilot now. I'll probably go for another day of tuition if I change anything on my setup, I'd just like to get it sorted before I go!

Thanks in advance for your help

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The Anakis manual states that brake lines are set to correct length for free flying but can safely be lengthened by up to 5cm, so do not attempt any DIY modification that goes beyond this.

It can be factory ordered with PPG risers for free flight & motor use - these will come with trimmers and dual height brake pulley attachments. Best advice is to contact tim@skyparagliding.co.uk to see if these can be ordered and fitted for you.

It shouldn't cost too much and will give you a much safer and enjoyable flying experience. At worst you will have to make 2 marks on the brake lines (at the correct position for high and low hang points) and learn to tie a bowline knot. It will then take no more than a minute or two to switch betwen brake toggle positions for free flight & motor.

The Anakis is a good safe wing that you should enjoy for a while. :D

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