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aerial photo usage question

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Hi all,

I haven't posted for a while (I made the pmc smileys a while back), I'm looking for a bit of advice.

I've been asked by a local company who are producing a brochure for the council if they can use one of my aerial shots as it covers an area they will be developing in the future.

The photo I took around a year ago wasn't commisioned in any way, it's just one of many snaps I took out flying. I've let them use the photo in the past for free on their website as that was for information only, but they have now asked if they could use it commercially. This is where I need advice, has anyone here ever been asked the same question?

I'm thinking a small one-off usage fee for single use in their brochure, they wouldn't be buying ownership or copyright of the image. Are there legalities I need to be aware off, if not what do you charge, if anything?

Any and all help appreciated.



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If you are selling a picture from a 'stock' of pictures. There is no law broken.

It only gets messy if you take of under contract to supply pics. or any other 'paid work'


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