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Another iphone app..


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I have yet to try it but I thought I would risk 59 pence, its called Loudspeaker and Microphone. I bought an arm holster for my phone recently and use sports earphones under a pair of Peltor optime3 defenders. The idea was to be able to listen to music and use the phone in flight, not using a boom but just bring my arm to my mouth so as to use the phones built in mic. Havent tried it yet but the iphone4 has 2 mics for noise cancelling so I believe people will here me over the motor - now the app - Its often a nuisance not being able to hear properly when your all set to go or have just landed, with this app I just switch it on and presto I hear everything! It simply feeds sound going into the phones mic and feeds it to the earphones. It might be that I hear nothing but the rustling of my sleeve but so far in home it seems to pick up sounds very well.


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