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Flying regulations abroad


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I am really getting ahead of myself here, as I haven't yet left the ground under power, but I am really curious how one goes about checking flight regulations in other (non English speaking) countries. I was hoping to find a website that listed countries and regulations but came up with nothing. Perhaps we could start a list of countries and regs here?

The reason I ask is that every summer my wife and I drive around Europe, usually taking in the west coast of France, into Andorra, Italy, up to Poland, along the Baltic coast to Germany and the back through France to the UK. I am going to get a bigger car/van to carry the motor and was hoping to get some flying in these countries. Does anyone have any information? I found a bit of info for France, but nothing on the rest of them. I would also need to get airspace charts for these countries but don't have a clue where I would get them from.

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Here are a few web sites to have a perusal on, pour de vol en France:



http://www.sia.aviation-civile.gouv.fr/ ... aip_uk.htm

If you do have an airband radio this will be helpful:


Flight equipment suppliers such as Pooleys also carry European charts.



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Thanks for the links and the advice. I thought about going the babelfish route but was hoping to find a few well informed english speaking natives to give me the lowdown. If I find anything out I will post it here in case anyone else is curious.

I might try looking for youtube vids of pilots in these countries and ask them what is required.

Has anyone here been flying around Europe?

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