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moving from high hang to low hang, tips please


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Keep the chest strap tension right to ensure you don't get any lateral loads on the swing arm bolts in the event of an asymmetric.

When forward launching ensure the risers aren't routed under the swing arms.

Hang check the set up and do so while someone gives a 60kg push in the middle of the prop boss. This will alert you to likely angle changes between powered and unpowered flight. This can be significant if you are short in the leg and long in the body (ie a relatively high personal c of g) and can be exacerbated by the use of a behind the head reserve mounting.

The low hang points can help with weigtshifting if the rest of the geometry is right while the swinging arms can help to absorb torque. Don't expect the harness to be anything like a free flying harness though.

Finally check those swing arm bolts and arm ends regularly (and the harness and crab attachments) for wear and possibility of failure).

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Good point about the set up. I got mine set to the perfect angle in a static hang test but then found that under power I was pushed past the vertical and about 15 degrees forward. Just needed to move the hang points forward for future flights. Not all low hangpoints will do that though, it depends where the thrust line acts relative to the karabiners.

when it gets rough it gets a bit more twitchy but thats about it :P

Twitchy in a better way (for me). With my old fixed hang point motor I always felt like I was rattling around in turbulence with the whole paramotor being tilted side to side.

Now all I feel in rough air are the pivot arms moving independently up & down, which gives a much more secure feeling in the harness with less pitching about.

Can't really think of any negatives, although plenty of people still seem to prefer high hang points.

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