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Gaggle for Android phones


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I recently got myself a Samsung Galaxy i5800 smart phone (free on a re-sign) and I was quite blown away with what these tiny machines can do with the right application.

I wondered if it could replace my Etrex legend for flight logging and navigation, IMO it can, and more to the point even the preloaded standard sat nav is better than my dedicated Navman for in car navigation.

Its just one less device to carry, because I always carry a cell phone when flying anyway.

So I searched the Android marktplace, discovered Gaggle, installed and tested it on a drive, seemed to work pretty good (Ive read the altimiter is not so good, but I use a dedicated vario anyway).

On friday I had a chance to test it out during my 2nd PPG flight, I dont have a "cockpit thingymebob" yet so just started the app and put the phone in the harness pocket, on landing I checked the flight path which puts a nice street map underneath it and it works mint.

Today I looked into it further as I wanted to look at the IGC file properly but I coudlnt find the file location, so I looked into Live update and automatic flight log update features.

Logged into the website and registered and activated live update and gave the phone to my youngest and asked her to go for a walk down the street and back, I could instantly see her progress (10 second update intervals), pretty easy to setup and a nice free option if you have friends or family that would like to track your flight (could even be a life saver in some circumstances perhaps, no replacement for an epirb but better than nothing).

Anyone else had any experience with Gaggle? I cant find the IGC file on the phone itself, hadnt setup the auto file at the time.


URL for android phones using QR code


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I'm just experimenting with gaggle & XC Soar now. I can just squeeze the phone onto the flight deck along with alti/vario, gps & compass, but with various cameras and other stuff to set up pre flight I usually forget to turn it on and the touchscreen is impossible to work with gloves. Seems OK though.

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I tried gaggle a few weeks ago and it is pretty good, although it would be nice if the Europe Topo map was working (only street map available). The altimeter is a bit innacurate, but consistant - on my flight it showed me taking off around 15m from the ground, and landing 15m from the ground.

The Leonardo live update feature is great and will let you view your tracks in 3D on the www.livetrack24.com site. If you want to view them locally you have to export to a KML file. If I remember correctly you need to log a flight first, then go to your flight log where it should be listed. You can then hold your finger on the item until a menu pops up. I think you can then export to IGC or KML and it will either email it to you or save it to your SD card.

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