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Tomorrow 17th Feb


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Hi Luke

I have just spoken to seymor....

We have a little plan of action!!

The wind is looking like its going to be about 10/14knotts in the morning so we plan to take you to our little semi secret spot...... so bring your kite gear and your motor down as the wind should be dropping in the afternoon....

Give me a ring and i will explain all....


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I,m up for a flight on Sunday and might get one in this evening after this horrible weather front has passed.

as for Sunday, looking at the Rasp Tables it looks like the perfect day for a trip over to the Isle of Wight if we can find anywhere to takeoff down that way. Or maybe get hold of George and fly from the field he uses and coastal fly along to Portsmouth and back. Any way I am up for something and we can always go from my place.

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Hi Dude

I have just looked at the pasp and it's saying NE going E and picking up. I know a couple of places to take off from down that way but not sure about flying over water with a head wind on the way back esp as it's meant to pick up plus cloud base is looking like its going to be around 2000ft (not good)...

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No Isle of Wight yesterday - but did get up yesterday from seymore's and flew down to the coast and back. Inland it was like flying in soup but nearer the coast the sun was out and it was surprisingly thermic.

I also found out that it's not a good idea to attach a petrol check mirror low (nearer the prop)......Its now shattered into tiny pieces - prop is OK. Next one I make I'll attach it higher so it doesn't have a chance of contact..

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