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Saudi Arabia Paramotor Instructor Course


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For over a year Capt Fahad, Capt Awad and I have been trying to organise a Paramotor Club instructor course in Saudi Arabia and just when it seemed we were all set to go the head of our club was killed and his passenger seriously injured in a Paramotor trike accident. This was the 4th fatal accident in less than 6 months and led the Saudi Aviation club (SAC) to ban Paramortor flying in Saudi for over 3 months. :(

These tragic accidents reinforced the need for safe, structured and professional Paramotor training system and I’m pleased to announce that after a significant amount of effort from everyone involved Simon W, Piers D and Pete B all arrived in Riyadh in the early hours of Saturday morning (12th) to deliver the first Paramotor Club Instructor course on Saudi Arabian Soil. :D

The course is being sponsored by the Land Space Aviation Club (LSAC) but the course has had widespread publicity and we have 13 candidate instructors from all over the Middle East.

Training started in earnest on Sunday evening with excellent presentations from Norman, who was on a scheduled flight, and his co-pilot Sam Whatmough. Both presenters concentrated on safety, a topic the LSAC and the SAC were very keen for the course to focus on due to the high Paramotor accident rate we have experienced in Saudi.

However, when the first flying took place the next morning more than 1 student had to be chastised for being over-confident! But by the afternoon session, after reinforcement of the safety message by the Course Staff and by other candidate instructors, the message was getting through.

None of the Candidate Instructors are native English speakers and the level of English varies from none to very good but the boys are doing an outstanding job of getting over this barrier utilising students with more able English to translate.

The morale on the course is high and the LSAC are very happy with the way the course is being run.

As soon as I have some photos I’ll get them posted.

We are trying to make the boys as comfortable as possible and fulfil their every request. I even managed to fulfil Simons request for a 6 foot buxom Swedish blonde. Unfortunately the fussy sod didn’t say they had to be a female! Back to the drawing board with that request then.

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