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New Bi-wing Paraglider


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from another group ..........

Hi All,

After an amazing collaboration between Boeing and some very smart Korean designers a wing is now flying in both single and tandem format that is a bi plane type recreationalparaglider, it has a normal paraglider wing with a smaller one just under it, the lines go via a 4 riser system to the small wing (Conard) and then carry on to the large (normal) one. The canard combo wing has a glide ratio of 10.5 and that's at 65 kilometre's per hour, that makes the current recreational wings real bricks! They had real trouble trying to do any form of acro due to the unbelievable stability. Shorter line lengths to the first canopy give the pilot an unprecedented amount of control when inflating the glider, wing reactions are immediate and precise. With the line to wing ratio radical reduced this wing will out climb anything before it and speed is not a problem with designers having to strengthen the under surface's to allow it to reach its potential. With high aspect ratio wings the main problem is launch, they are pigs to A, get up and B, get straight on to wind to begin running but with the Conard it is completely the opposite with pilots thrilled and saying that it is the easiest wing they have ever launched, all this with 6.1 aspect ratio. Just when we thought we new it all and had run out of ideas....... stay posted!

Steve M.

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