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Carb confusion


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I have a walbro 8 carb, there is two visible adjustments one cone shaped and one longer and straight.

Reading on the miniplane manual it says the long adjustment is for idle mixture and the cone one is just a throttle stop.

So what will adjust the mixture at high rpm if running too lean?

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The WG8 carb has a fixed high rpm jet (non adjustable)

The long slender screw adjusts carburation up to around 50% max rpm.

The conical screw adjusts the idle by adjusting where the throttle lever stops and therfore the position of the butterfly in the carb.

There's loads of info on the TOP 80 yahoo group.

If its running lean there is a problem elsewhere!

You'll be able to tell if you need to adjust the long slender screw as the engine won't pick up nicely from idle if fuel is restricted at this range.



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Unless you have removed the screen in the pump side of the carb then a Walbro is not likely to suffer from a blocked main jet. It is worth back flushing (or better still replacing) this screen though.

Bending the lever arm is a possibility if priming by manually depressing it through its orifice. Check the height with the very cheap tool from Rowena. If it is correct then look for air leaks in the fuel system as mentioned.

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