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Need information about DK Whisper propeller...


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I just got myself a DK Whisper, it arrived with what looks like the original 6 carbon blades.

The blades got stickers with weight values and other info that is not clear to me, i got 6 aluminum sloped shimms as well.

Does anyone knows how to use the shimms? and how to setup/balance this type of propeller?

Any help will be very appreciated.




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Looking at the bottom picture, do the props have a recess in them the same shape as the shims?

If so this is where they go to spread the centrifugal force of the props when they are spinning so as it is not all on just the bolt holes.

Looking at the picture again the sloped shims are to put under each blade to increase/decrease the pitch of the blades, depending on which way you put them in. :D

I have tried this before and it does work, will not work on a solid prop of course

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As for the second question.

Check the weights are still valid with a set of digital scales.

A set of blades with a range of 5 grams heaviest to lightest is acceptable, Exact would be perfect but unlikely.

If the weights are further out you will feel vibration. More than 12g out and you will feel your teeth falling out, with the added bonus of metal fatigue and bits falling off your motor. :(

(If the blades are near the same weight but still vibrate like a mental washing machine, then they are out of trim. And require more work than can be easily explained)

Colin B

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