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Cracking Sunday


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Ooh what a great day it was yesterday.

I had a short flight in the morning up at the Prissac ULM field, http://aerodrome-prissac-ulm.fr

The visibility wasn't great but I had planned to practice landing from engine off at height, which I hadn't done for some time. This was duly completed.

I then got myself over to Wanafly in the afternoon specifically to fly somewhere different.

Dave CFI and James AFI were both up instructing in 3 axis microlights so I had the large strip all to myself for T/O. After a couple of ascending circuits to gain height I set of in the direction of the Horn ULM strip where the majority of the instructing takes place.

I was struck by the openness of the surrounding countryside, with even fewer hamlets about than my usual patch. I did a couple of 360° turns on route to memorise the surroundings and any landmarks so I could find my way back. It's only just over 9Km so wasn't long before I could see 3 other aircraft in the sky. Nice to actually share it for a change as I don't usually see any other traffic around the Prissac area.

I turned around once over Horn ULM and made my way back, diverting to have a closer look at a couple of chateaus that are close to Wanafly.

Once I was back down Dave and James landed after a short time so a bit of a natter was in order.

Lovely sunny conditions with a thin inversion at about 1100 feet, superb.



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...and I bet the whole day cost less than €15

Aren't we lucky to have such a great, inexpensive (relative to other forms of flying) pastime.

I was up as well yesterday, beach flying with a mate. Crackin' day.

I would post the superb video footage I took...except I didn't. I somehow managed to switch the camera off just before launch :cry:

Get some video posted Allan!



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