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Which Polini – Bailey, Fresh Breeze or Kobra?


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I would be grateful of some opinions from those more experienced than me. I am a beginner and I am about to purchase some gear. I am 85 Kgs & 1.7m

I have narrowed it down to the Polini engine on either the Bailey, the Fresh Breeze or the Kobra. They all appear to be of similar quality and are all similar prices. So what are the pros & cons of each manufacturer?

My criteria are as follows:

Fight geometry


After sales service


Ease of breakdown


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At the risk of complicating your decision further, I have seen and heard about the new Bulldog Spirit Polini so you might want to add that to your list!

I also hear that if it's not on sale yet then it soon will be. Worth contacting Clive Bunce if you are interested.


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Kobra machines are extremely robust, comfortable, and the after sales service is superb.

Each of your shortlist will have a different geometry and 'feel' though, so ideally you should try them on your back whilst walking / running, and hanging from something to simulate the flight position. This is more important than a couple of kg difference in weight or thrust on a spec sheet.

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Just to throw one more into the mix Sorry!!! not sure on the price tho. I have just seen the new Bailey light wieght four stroke. And it's super light 27kg i think all up. Bailey excelent quailty in every way.

Bailey after sales have in my case been super..

All Bailey harness are made by sup air...

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