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Coastal flight on Thursday Feb 3rd


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If anyone is up for it, the weather looks pretty good for a coastal flight tomorrow morning. Winds are starting light SW picking up in the afternoon with sunshine. Might be good for paragliding the cliffs after the tide has gone out a bit at 2 oclock.

It looks best around 10.00 from the beach near Newhaven or from my friends farm in Hurspierpoint.

can call me on 07875724540

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Had a nice flight. Flew on my own from the beach site near Newhaven that we used last time and went to Shoreham. A bit bouncy down low and a bit of a headwind up above 1000ft but really smooth. A very steep wind gradient because if I stayed low I could get 30- 35 kph on my gps, but on way back went high and got 80 -90 kph and my wing is not one of the ultra fast types, or even a reflex.

Sunny with a bit of coastal mist rolling in and much warmer. Had my fix, now its time to get back to kitesurfing.



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Hi Mark, at the moment it looks like Tuesday will be the best day for a flight so if you like we could go up on Monday to get your gear,

I should be truly burnt out on kitesurfing by the end on the weekend.

It was fun today down in Worthing . I had my new wave board and a tiny 4.5 meter kite.

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