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Anyone flying in the southeast on the 30th


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Got my first flight of the year today! The weather has been so bad on all the the days off I have so far this year I had to make the most of today. I took off from Basingstoke and flew up to Reading and back, with a bit of low flying on the way there.

I was planning to go all the way to Henley but that will have to wait another day. The wind was pretty strong and I was only making 15 kph into it at times - I need to set up my speed bar. It started getting a bit too bumpy for my liking so I turned round at Reading. The wind was steady and strong for the landing which meant that it was a nice slow 5* touch down.

An hour and 20 mins in total which makes up for not flying for the last few weeks!

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Nice one Pete!

Been really gusty here in Essex on the coast, i blew out going to Membury as it was looking a bit too windy for me today.

Monday is looking good all over the country hopefully i might get my first fly in for 2011!

We had a good day at Membury, but no students!!

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