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Sky 100 Airbox boot


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I contacted Sky engines to find out how much a new pipe is (from the airbox to the carb) and they eventually got back to me with a price. The price for the part is not too bad but I refuse to pay 60 euro for shipping and they also dont appear to accept Credit card payments of paypal which will again cost me a fair amount of money in international bank transfers.

The original pipe has a split, I have since reversed the pipe (the inside bit on the airbox is all shiny and new) but ideally I would like a solution that is not going to end up costing me $190 NZ for a "simple" piece of pipe.

Does anyone know of an alternative, ie: motobike pipe that is the same perhaps?


Cheers Rob

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Ive thought about that before.....and was told by somebody... :? .....the noise level will increase quite a lot...also it upsets the .......(backpressure)..... :shock: ....

I think its some two stroke tuning .... jiggery pokery phrase... :wink:

Air box makes it quieter, if your reeds are working you should not have any back pressure

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Have you considered using an airbox filter? I really don't understand why these are not fitted as standard with the machines costing so much. Air box optional, filter a must. Why does anybody want grinding paste inside their pride and joy?

http://www.kkckartshop.co.uk/pc/AIR-FIL ... 2p1967.htm

That was what I was going to look at yesterday, got mucked around a little (time and fuel wasted etc) and thought bugger it, I will order the 6 quid version (the exact same thing) but I will get 2 ( one for me and another for my instructor, lol) and works out to be the same price including shipping as the local filtered version ( and I can sell one of them :P )!!

PS: My airbox already has a large foam filter.

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