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I'm Phil & I've been interested in paramotoring for years but never had enough money to get into the sport, but I did try to get my paraglider EP (as a stepping stone) through the JSHPC a couple of times, but got nowhere due to the gorgeous Welsh weather!

I now work in Pirbright & saw someone fly over on a Paramotor today (white & orange wing, is that anyone from on here?) & that started me thinking...

The bills are almost all paid off now & I can realistically start to look at getting some training & buying some kit. I'm determined it's going to happen this year.

Getting registered onto the site & introducing myself seems as good a place to start as any so here I am.

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Thanks for the heads up. I've found his website & will make contact with both him & Simon. Luckily both are convenient (I Live near Bristol & pass Membury every week or two).

If you're in the White Hart anytime soon could you give me a shout so we can meet up and have a chat - it would be good to start to meet a few pilots & ask a few questions over a beer.

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Hi Phil,

That was Luke Banks that you saw flying over, the other day. He was on his way to oxford but had to turn back due to low cloud rolling in.

I teach from an airfield near Flexford, which is just south of Pirbright and west of Guildford.

Give me a call (07968 345554) if you are interested, but I also understand that living near Bristol, Simon may also be another alternative for you.

All the best


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HI Phill

I have just down loaded the photos from the other day when we flew with luke. I wont put up the one's of you foot dragging as i k now Steve will hit the roof!!!! :lol:

I have to say i was very impressed with your take off's and landings as low air time pilot.







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