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APCO Force - Does anyone own/fly one..?


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Meds I would love to be able to help ya but since flying both the medium and small because I loved the way the small one flew I ordered one the (Small) an amazing wing ( (my opinion) )

but since paying for it last year .......12 weeks on and still no wing so judging by the delivery speed I might be able to give you a more in depth view on it by September :shock: hopefully this year :(

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I had a little chat with Adam w. APCO's designer.

he told me that FORCE is an unprecedented success. they added labor hours and personal but still next batch is almost sold out.

they sold hundreds of wings since it was lunched 6 month ago.

so be patient. it may be a bit of a long wait, but it's worth it...


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I had the chance to demo the small and medium Force

To make the long story short;

1) Takeoff and ground handling is effortless, no A riser or input required, just step back and the glider is up

2) You need to run a bid faster for takeoff as you have to do this for any fast wing

3) Your landing speed is like a DHV1 glider

4) Glider is very stable above your head and I haven't experienced any collapses so far

5) It is fast and you can feel the high G on deep spirals

6) The only downside is that the very top lines are sewed into the canopy and if you damage a line on the top, you should send the glider for surgery (it is not that important cause it's not that costly)

Note: I'm not a reseller and I don't even own one but I'm very impressed by this glider

I was flying @ 140kg (Top range of the small) and both small and medium were performing good, I would go for small as I like some small Acro maneuvers

See you up there


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Who has one in the UK?

It seems odd that they claim to be selling 'off plot' yet I have still not seen one person flying one. I think it is fair to say that Membury is one of the busiest sites in the UK if not THE busiest, so I would have expected to see one at least.

I am fairly sure I have not seen one at any of the fly-ins either...

Who is buying them....maybe they are all up near Paul's neck of the woods??


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Mine is Aparently at this moment in time is in UK Customs.....

not bad 3 months since it was ordered :?:?

But....I Know It will be worth the WAIT .as I know what I am getting since.. I too was able to get a test flight on all the sizes....something I was unable to do when Buying my Fusion...

Like I said in my previous post one day all wings will be this good.....but if you carnt get one nobody will ever experience such a sweet wing...

ps if anybody reading this works a UK customs ... :shock: can you please release my wing today

Thanks in advance :mrgreen:

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I know that in this part of the UK they are a very popular wing - maybe it is a regional thing that people have not seen one. Most of the pilots I know own an Apco wing, but we occasionally see wings produced by other manufacturers in this area.

The problem with its popularity is that Apco have become victims of their success and this has caused longer than the usual delivery times. The expansion by Apco with the opening of a second factory will reduce the delivery times. Playing catch up with existing customers continues, and the Force will be with Gary in North Wales tomorrow where Steve will also collect his. I will have more deliveries of the Force in March, so the hard working Apco staff are doing their best to keep supplying the Force as quickly as possible.

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