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Paragliding & PPG Wings

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Yes - loads of wings will happily do both. Some are even designed specifically as dual purpose wings - such as the Apco Thrust - a great beginner wing that would easily see you through your first year of training & flying in both PG & PPG.

Many paraglider wings can be bought with paramotor risers (trimmers) to do both, and lots of people are perfectly happy with this set up - particularly if you don't fly often or mainly do hill flying and just occasional buzzing about on a motor.

As you get more experienced and want more performance you will either progress to 2 dedicated wings, or find that you do more of either PG or PPG and get 1 wing that is better for one than the other. If you do mostly motor flying then some of the modern reflex wings are better for motoring (particularly longer XC flights) but still OK for occasional hill flying.

Only question now is are you going to do PG training first then a motor conversion course, or the other way round ?? :wink:

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