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Tuesday 18th Jan


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Hi Luke

I,m down in cornwall , camping out around Hayle. I managed a short flight this evening over the beach but it was a bit windy. Earlier in the day I was overpowered kitesurfing with an 8m, a couple of hours later the sun came out and the wind dropped to nearly nothing, however by the time I got my shit together it started to cloud over again and the wind was just a little too much to go anywhere. .

I am staying another night and hope to fly here tomorrow. I will probably not be around to fly on tuesday, but the rest of the week looks OK so might fly off the farm.

Have fun Seymore

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Nick - see you soon

Seymore - sounds like an ideal way to spend the day kiting in the morning and flying in the afternoon.

I'm off all week so let me know when you're going flying and I'll join you.

I'm planning on going down to cornwall last weekend of Jan for some flying and kiting too.


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I went for a really nice flight along the north Devon coast from Lyn-mouth to Ilfracombe along the cliffs. It was a sunny day with a light NW , so after the flight I did another hour paragliding from Countisbury hill, which is my favourite coastal soaring site with a near vertical drop of 900 ft to the sea below.

I,m back in sussex and if anyone wants to fly from here Wednesday afternoon there are some pretty good floods to fly over on the river Arun that make Pulborough look like it is on a very large lake.



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