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Hello everyone, im due to leave the Army in November and have been given some cash and time to do any courses that i feel fit :D

paramotoring is something that has always taken my fancy and i feel that Now is the time.

My question is simple, is there anywhere that can be recomended that will take me on board and teach me to fly, provide the equiptment and also have accomodation?

I stay in Fife Scotland and traveling to a course is not a problem. Also at the end of a course (beginers) is there a certificate/qualification that you walk away with to say that you have attended.

Any help/pointers would be fantastic.


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Billy, you are spoilt for choice with over half a dozen top instructors on this forum, at different locations in UK.

Only caveat is the UK weather if you want to book onto a full 'course' as opposed to taking lessons whenever the weather permits.

My advice for your particular situation would be to do a residential course such as http://www.skyschooluk.com/Courses/Paramotoring-Courses-Spain/Paramotoring-Lessons-Spain/ where the weather is much more reliable and you are likely to achieve your qualification in a shorter period. I know a couple of the guys who are top blokes and extremely enthusiastic fliers.

Once you are qualified and have your own gear I would then pick one of the guys from here to do a day refresher flying with in the UK, until you (and they) are confident of your abilities. By then you should have met a few pilots to fly with and then the sky is your playground ..... :)

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