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Newbie from Binley Woods (Near Coventry)

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Hi Guys, I have spent a while researching Paramotoring on line now, but have some questions please (forgive me if they're annoyingly dumb!). I know I have to travel to become trained, but where can I fly near Coventry? Do I have to join a club after qualifying as a club pilot, or is there a list of places you can go where you can fly as long as you observe the 500ft rule? Many thanks, John

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Welcome to the PMC :-)

You need the land owners permission / common ground depending on the local rules, AND you need to be in clear airspace. :-) to keep it simple.

Your instructor should see you right with this information.


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Hi guys,

thanks for the pointers.

Skybound sent me a PM to let me know of this place 'marston airfield'. I had spent hours searching online and hadn't come across them! I'll be giving them a call tomorrow. It makes me wonder if there's loads of little places like this waiting to be discovered...

Cheers, Johnny_C

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