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Fuel/oil mixture


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Hello,i was wondering how long days can we leave the fuel/oil mixture in the gas tank without lose the oil lubrication characteristics???

I have left my own fuel/oil in the tank for one week(7 days)now and i dont know if its Ok to leave the current fuel,or to put it out and fill with a new one???

Thanks a lot.

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A week is fine. Simonini recommend discarding fuel after that but a good quality synthetic oil should be OK for a couple of weeks.

With powerboat engines we always used to disconnect the tank and run them till all the fuel was out of the carburettor, but this is a bit impractical with most paramotors. Worth doing if you don't plan on flying for a couple of months though.

Might be worth priming the carb with the bulb or even turning the engine over a few times every couple of weeks (if not flying) to prevent gummy deposits forming in the carb through evaporation.

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I have to be honest....

I have used mixed petrol well over 'weeks' old! I have found cans in the back of my landrover that have been buried there for almost 6 months!! I was flying with is on the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th of Jan. Its now all gone :-)

I am not recommending anything here.... I am just telling it how it is.

I use Castrol 2T and normal unleaded with the occasional treat to some posh stuff.


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Agreed with Mike, never been able to tell premixed 'old' or 'new' fuel, even after a 4 month spell in hospitals in the past, engine started first time and no issues in flight. I do tend to stop the engine on the choke for the end of the last flight, seems to start better next time. Had water in the fuel once, but I can only put that down to leaving the cap off the gerry can for a week and moisture was 'absorbed' into the mix. Richard.

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