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RAD Javelin Classic - Anyone had, used, seen in use ?


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Hi Guys

Anyone have any information (positive or negative) on Rad Paramotors ?

I cant find any impartial reviews.. in fact few reviews at all !

I'm 90Kg raw, and like the idea of a light ie 18Kg paramotor (about 10Kg lighter than most).

The Javlin seems to put out 56Kg of thrust, with its bigger 1.3m prop .. which is a bit low, but offset by that weight saving. The motors as used on racing karts seem well designed .. I like the monoblock construction and clutch. There are plenty of machines to choose from in the 24 to 30 Kg weight range - but few (if any) much lighter, that I can find such as this.

I wont be putting many hours on it or doing XC.



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I have owned both types of the 'Rad' in the past.

I hate to say it, but at 90 kg, your looking at the wrong motors. :-( yes they are very light, indeed but a little light on power as well.

A decent enough motor for lighter pilots.


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Yes he does. And it might even be flying in the very near future - honest :-)

Simon's comment about power is true. I'm 92Kg in the raw and I can get off the ground with no real problems with the RAD but I have to get the technique right otherwise I'm running down the field like a turkey with no altitude. The boys with their Parajet Macros and the like don't have to worry that much about technique because they've the power to spit them off the ground without really trying.

In short... The RAD (in the form I have) is a good little machine with brilliant power to weight ratio and very simple to maintain but it can be frustrating at times when it takes a longer run to get off the ground.


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Thanks for the feedback guys,

Looks like I might be a bit too heavy for this intriguing little machine - at least in calm conditions.

Maybe I should go on a diet and get down to 85Kg !

At the other end of the scale i'd hate to get a heavy machine with low thrust !


mark (in the market for a good s/h machine for my 90Kg of mince pies)

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